Wake up in a natural way with the Philips HF3463 Wake Up Light

Make morning time a pleasant experience, leaving you feeling more energetic for the day ahead!

Philips HF3463 Wake Up Light
  • The light of the Philips HF3463 Wake Up Light gradually increases in intensity thirty minutes before your chosen wake up time, helping you to stir from your slumber in a natural way
  • Configure the light intensity to your own personal preference, up to 300 Lux
  • Comes with sound - either the soothing sound of a bird singing, or a beep
  • Also equipped with a digital FM radio, should you also wish to be woken up with your favourite radio station

The Philips HF3463 features an incandescent lamp to simulate natural sunlight. It has been clinically proven that to positively affect your body's energy hormones you need at least a light intensity of 250 Lux. The HF3463 features a light intensity of up to 300 Lux, ensuring a positive effect on your body as it slowly and naturally wakes you up. Depending on your own personal preference, you can tailor the light intensity with the simple and intuitive configuration option.

How do I use the Philips HF3463?

Operation of the HF3463 is simplicity itself:

  • As you do with a normal alarm clock, you set the desired time to wake up
  • Thirty minutes before the time you have chosen, the light intensity of the HF3463 will slowly increase, reaching its peak at your chosen time. It does this at an optimum rate, in a way which has been proven to be the most effective.
  • As the light from the HF3463 falls on your eyes, the production of the energy hormone cortisol will be triggered meaning from the moment you wake up you'll feel more energetic and less lethargic thanks to a better hormone balance in your body.

What other features does it have?

It also features one of the most soothing sounds people associate with dawn - the sound of a bird singing! This assists in making your waking up process even more gentle, and you need never suffer from a rude awakening again.

The built-in Digital FM Radio allows you to wake up to your favourite radio station should you so choose. It too will gradually increase in sound, so as not to awaken you too abruptly.