Wake up slowly and naturally with a light alarm clock

Waking Naturally With a Light Alarm Clock

Awaken with as much energy as on a summer's morning!

Does waking up abruptly with your alarm clock leave you feeling fatigued? With a natural light alarm clock you'll find yourself waking both easily and energetically, thanks to the simulated sunlight.

How do they work?

With a light alarm clock, just set the time you want to be gradually awoken. At this time, the light intensity will gradually increase, simulating natural sunlight. As the light falls on your eyes, your body's senses will be stimulated, increasing production of energy hormones in your body. It will be just like dawn on a summer's morning!

Which do you recommend?

We highly recommend the "Wake Up Light" range of light alarm clocks from Philips. In particular, we are big fans of the Philips HF3463 which is especially good for those on more of a budget.

For those with a bit more to spend, you will also want to consider the feature-packed Philips HF3480. Finally, the Philips HF3490 features a built-in iPod dock and, especially for big music fans, is also extremely worthy of consideration.

What are the health benefits?

Your hormones will be better-balanced, helping you feel less lethargic - enormously helping your sense of well-being and overall health. Most people will say that in summertime they awaken more naturally - with a light alarm clock, you can achieve this same feeling all year round!

Sufferers of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD as its abbreviated, may experience wide-ranging symptoms including difficulty in waking up, a lack of energy and depression.

If you suffer from SAD, as many people do, you may find a light alarm clock can play an important part in your treatment - helping you lift those winter blues! By increasing your exposure to light, your condition may improve in as little as a week with results increasing the longer you use your light alarm clock to achieve dawn simulation.